ATDPR guides

Guidance material (Draft)

With the coming into force on June 25, 2020 of the Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (ATPDR) the Canadian Transportation Agency has developed a series of guides providing a detailed explanation of transportation service providers' obligations toward passengers in various situations.

The guides are intended to help persons with disabilities understand their rights and help transportation service providers understand and meet their obligations. The following draft guides are now available online in multiple formats:

Alternative digital formats are available for each guide to ensure that persons with disabilities can access the information in PDF, ASL, LSQ or audio formats.

For alternate formats such as large print or braille please contact the Center of Expertise in Accessible Transportation

Additional guidance material (Draft) – alternate digital formats coming soon

The following guidance material is under development and available on the Web in draft mode. Alternate digital formats will be available shortly and print or braille versions will be available on demand.

Comments on the draft guidance material can be sent to the Center of Expertise in Accessible Transportation .

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