Canadian Transportation Agency Launches Consultation on Air Transportation – Phase 2 of its Regulatory Modernization Initiative

December 19, 2016 – Gatineau, QC – Canadian Transportation Agency

As part of its Regulatory Modernization Initiative, the Agency is launching the second phase of its regulatory review, which focusses on air transportation.

With the planned increase in thresholds in foreign ownership recently announced by the Government of Canada, a logical, predictable set of criteria and steps for control-in-fact determinations becomes even more important. To get there, the Agency will look at approaches used in other jurisdictions and increase the transparency of determinations.

The Agency will also be meeting and consulting with industry stakeholders, experts and interested members of the public to obtain input on how to ensure that the Agency's regulations, guidelines and tools take into account an evolving air transportation industry, are well understood, avoid unnecessary administrative burden and allow for innovation. Interested parties can submit comments at

Some other key issues the Agency will be consulting on are: charter flights, air licencing, and compliance, monitoring and enforcement. A discussion paper is available that explains many of the regulations under review.

Currently, the Agency administers its air transportation mandate through the Canada Transportation Act and the Air Transportation Regulations.

The Agency:

  • issues licences to operate publicly available air services;
  • administers an international charter regime, including permits and flight notifications;
  • authorizes the use of aircraft and crew of other carriers;
  • administers an air tariff regime and reviews air carrier tariffs for clarity, reasonableness and no undue discrimination;
  • participates in bilateral air transport agreement negotiations;
  • regulates air price advertising;
  • inspects air carriers and facilities; and,
  • resolves certain air related complaints.


"The air industry is vital to the Canadian economy. The Agency is actively committed to creating a more modern regulatory framework that enables competitiveness and economic growth, while balancing the needs of industry and travellers.”
Scott Streiner, Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency

Quick Facts

  • The Regulatory Modernization Initiative has four phases:

    • Accessible transportation;
    • Air transportation;
    • Consumer protection for air travellers; and
    • Rail transportation.
  • The first phase of the Agency's Regulatory Modernization Initiative was launched in May 2016, with a consultation on accessible transportation.

  • The nine regulations currently administered by the Agency will form the core of this initiative, together with proposed new regulations for accessible transportation. The Agency also seeks feedback on compliance tools and business practices.

  • The Agency plans to complete consultations on all elements of this initiative by next summer. It will review comments, release a summary document and draft updated regulations by the end of 2017. The regulations should be implemented in 2018.  


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