How and when will the Canadian Transportation Agency develop new air traveller rights regulations?

May 19, 2017 – Gatineau, QC – Canadian Transportation Agency

On May 16, 2017, the Minister of Transport introduced the Transportation Modernization Act (Bill C-49), which directs the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) to make regulations specifying airlines' obligations towards passengers in a range of circumstances, including when flights are delayed or cancelled, travellers are denied boarding, children are travelling with their parents or guardians, baggage is lost or damaged, or travellers are transporting musical instruments.

The CTA knows these issues are of great interest to the public. As part of the CTA's Regulatory Modernization Initiative, we will consult widely with Canadians, consumer rights organizations, industry, and experts on the new regulations. Consultations will be held through:

  • online discussions and crowdsourcing, a method the CTA introduced when developing the All-inclusive Air Price Advertising Regulations in 2012;
  • written submissions, which will be posted on a special webpage dedicated to this consultation process; and
  • face-to-face hearings in locations across the country.

The consultation process is expected to last two to three months. Their timing will depend on the progress of Bill C-49 through Parliament.

Following consultations, the regulations will be drafted, approved by the Agency and the Governor in Council, and brought into force. 

About the Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent, quasi-judicial tribunal and regulator with the powers of a superior court. The Agency has three core mandates: keeping the national transportation system running efficiently and smoothly, protecting the human right of persons with disabilities to an accessible transportation network and providing consumer protection for air passengers. To help advance these mandates, the Agency makes ground rules that establish the rights and responsibilities of transportation service providers and users and level the playing field among competitors. It also resolves disputes using a range of tools from facilitation and mediation to arbitration and adjudication and ensures that transportation providers and users are aware of their rights and responsibilities and how the Agency can help them.


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