Updated Guidelines Respecting Coasting Trade Applications

As part of an initiative to modernize the handling of coasting trade applications and to provide a more effective and efficient service to Canadian ship operators, the Agency has switched to email notification as the standard method of providing notice of coasting trade applications to Canadian ship operators and other interested organizations.

The Agency now sends notification of all applications to subscribers by email rather than by facsimile, with a link to the application and any supporting documentation on the Agency's website. Agency staff will continue to post notices for all types of applications (standard, fast track and urgent) on its website along with the application and any supporting documentation provided by the applicant.

As a result of this new, more efficient notification process, the Guidelines Respecting Coasting Trade Licence Applications have been revised. The following changes to the fast track and urgent processes have been updated in the Guidelines:

  • the Agency will issue a notice for both processes;
  • under the fast track process, the Agency will no longer provide applicants with a list of Canadian operators to contact;
  • under the urgent process, the Agency will no longer contact Canadian operators and the time period for offers will be set by the Agency on a case-by-case basis; and
  • an applicant using the fast track and urgent process will have to wait for the time period for offers set out in the notice to expire before any further processing of the application can be carried out.

If you have not already subscribed to receive email notifications of coasting trade applications, you will need to complete a simple online form on the Agency's website including your name, organization name and email address.

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