Your rights and responsibilities

The air carrier’s tariff is the contract of carriage between you and your carrier – it covers your rights and obligations as an airline passenger and your air carrier’s rights and its responsibilities to you.

Be aware of the rules that apply to your ticket before confirming your purchase, especially on-line. Print a copy for your records, as the information might not be available at a later date.

By law, all carriers operating publicly-available air services to, from or within Canada are required to have tariffs for those services and make them available to the public at their business offices in Canada and on their Web sites when used for selling air transportation. Carriers must respect their tariffs at all times.

The tariff must not be unjust, unreasonable, unduly discriminatory or create undue obstacles to the mobility of persons with disabilities.

An air carrier’s tariff:

  • Addresses general matters that apply to all passengers at all times and sets out the carrier’s terms and conditions of carriage, clearly stating its policies regarding matters such as limits to its liability for baggage mishandling, its procedures when flights are cancelled or delayed, etc.; and
  • Includes a carrier’s fares and the supporting fare rules that govern the application of a specific fare – individual fare rules address matters such as changes to your itinerary or reservation, and cancellation of your reservation and whether your ticket is refundable.
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