Air industry guidance

The national transportation policy permits the market to largely self-regulate. However, it also acknowledges that regulation may be required to meet public objectives or in cases where parties are not served by effective competition.

When it comes to regulating air transportation, the Agency is responsible for:

  • issuing licences, authorities and charter permits to Canadian and foreign air carriers offering services to the public;
  • participating in the negotiation and implementation of international air transport agreements as part of the Government of Canada negotiating team; and
  • regulating international air tariffs according to bilateral air transport agreements and Canada's Air Transportation Regulations;
  • approving the adequacy of the protection of advance payments made by charter companies contracting with air carriers;
  • determining whether tariffs and terms and conditions of air travel are clear, just and reasonable.

The Agency also ensures consistency with Canadian legislation and regulations, including with respect to air fares, rates and charges, terms and conditions of carriage, and code sharing, wet leasing and charters.

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