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The Financial Statements provide an accounting of the full nature and extent of the Canadian Transportation Agency's activities. They provide a statement of financial position as at March 31, a statement of operations, a statement of change in net debt, a statement of cash flows and explanatory notes for the period ending March 31. These financial statements have been prepared by management using the Government of Canada's accounting policies, which are based on Canadian public sector accounting standards.

This plan is about the accessibility of CTA as an organization. This plan is not about regulating accessibility and transportation, which is one of CTA’s mandates.

The Accessible Canada Act (ACA) is a law to make Canada accessible. Under the ACA, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) needs to make a plan to be more accessible.

A plain language summary of the Accessibility Plan 2023-2025 is available.

2022-12-23 |
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Departmental Result Reports (DRR) are individual department and agency accounts of actual performance, for the most recently completed fiscal year, against the plans, priorities and expected results set out in their respective Departmental Plans. DRRs inform parliamentarians and Canadians of the results achieved by government organizations for Canadians.

The Quarterly Financial Report provides financial information for the quarter and fiscal year-to-date, as well as comparative financial information for the preceding fiscal year. The report also provides a statement outlining the results, risks and significant changes in operations, personnel and programs during the quarter.

The Access to Information Act (ATIA), enacted in 1983, grants Canadian citizens, permanent residents and any person or corporation present in Canada the right to access the records of federal institutions subject to the ATIA. This right enables individuals to access or obtain copies of records of a government institution, subject to specific and limited circumstances under the ATIA. The ATIA complements other policies and procedures to make government information available to the public, such as open-government initiatives and proactive disclosure.

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The Privacy Act (PA), enacted in 1983, imposes obligations on federal institutions to ensure that privacy rights of individuals are respected. The PA grants Canadian citizens, permanent residents and persons present in Canada the right to access their personal information held by institutions subject to the PA and to request corrections. The PA also establishes a legal framework governing the collection, retention, use, disclosure, processing, disposal and accuracy of personal information in the delivery of programs and activities of institutions subject to the PA.

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Annual Report – 2021–2022

2022-11-07 | Annual Reports
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