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Airport congestion and flight issues What passengers need to know about delays, cancellations and missing baggage ...
2021-11-17 | Guides

This is a guide for railway companies, road authorities, utility companies and landowners who want or have a railway crossing. It is also for those who are having work done at their crossing. The guide sets out the CTA's assessment of typical costs, which railways may use when billing for work at crossings. The CTA may also use these assessments to resolve a dispute over the bill, if one arises. The guide covers:

  • general billing (for building the crossing, maintaining its surface, and unscheduled maintenance);
  • billing for the scheduled maintenance of crossing warning systems;
  • the different costs and overhead rates covered in a bill (such as labour and materials); and
  • the value of crossing warning material that is removed from a crossing but could be re-used elsewhere (salvage value).

See also: Railway Crossings: A Guide and Apportionment of Costs of Grade Separations: A Resource Tool

2021-10-21 | Guides

The Quarterly Financial Report provides financial information for the quarter and fiscal year-to-date, as well as comparative financial information for the preceding fiscal year. The report also provides a statement outlining the results, risks and significant changes in operations, personnel and programs during the quarter.

This is a guide for rail shippers and other freight rail stakeholders. It explains what information would be helpful for you to provide if you believe the CTA should open – or it has already opened – an "own-motion" investigation (OMI) into possible rail service issues. In particular, the guide explains:

  • the purpose of OMIs;
  • the information the CTA needs to open an OMI;
  • the kinds of information you could provide; and
  • the key OMI question your information helps answer.
2021-07-28 | Guides
Read the pdf (372 KB) Introduction On August 28, 2020, the Canadian Transportation...
2021-07-23 |
Read the pdf (431 KB) Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent collapse of...
2021-07-02 |
Read the pdf (420 KB) 1. Introduction All airlines licensed by the Canadian...
2021-06-18 | Guides
Read the pdf (403 KB) Disclaimer: This is not a legal document....
2021-06-18 | Guides
Read the pdf (494 KB) Disclaimer: This is not a legal document. The explanations and definitions it provides...
2021-06-18 | Guides

This is a guide for shippers. It explains:

  • shippers' right to railway service in Canada;
  • the level of service the railway must provide (adequate and suitable);
  • the two ways of getting service terms and a rate (contracts and tariffs);
  • the right some shippers have to interswitching (the transfer of freight between two railways) at a regulated rate; and
  • shippers' options for resolving disputes about service and rates.
2021-03-08 | Guides