Complaint and dispute resolution

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is the country's longest-standing independent, expert tribunal and regulator.

We develop and enforce the rights and responsibilities of air, rail and marine transportation providers and their users.

When disputes arise between transportation providers and their passengers, clients or neighbours, we have the power to resolves disputes independently and impartially using formal and informal resolution methods.

Services and information

Air travel complaints process

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) processes complaints and settles disputes between travellers and airlines.

Accessibility complaints

Persons with disabilities have a right to barrier-free travel. The CTA can help with disputes with transportation service providers. 

Air tariff disputes

The CTA helps resolve disputes about unclear, unjust or unreasonable, or unduly or justly discriminatory air tariffs.

Accessibility helpline

The disability community and persons with disabilities have tools available to help them exercise their right to an accessible transportation network.

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