Complaints and disputes about rail transportation

Types of dispute resolution services

The CTA can resolve disputes that arise between federal railway companies and their clients and neighbours.


An Agency officer assesses the issue and leads an informal exchange between the parties, usually by phone or email. Most disputes are resolved by facilitation.

Possible outcome:
The officer works with the parties to develop a mutually satisfactory solution.

Learn more about facilitation.


An Agency mediator helps parties resolve their differences through negotiation (face-to-face or by teleconference).

Possible outcome: The mediator helps the parties reach a confidential settlement agreement that can be filed with, and enforced by, the Agency.

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A panel of one or more Agency Members will consider the written arguments and evidence from each party.

Possible outcome: A panel issues a decision that is legally binding on the parties and made public.

Learn more about adjudication.


An arbitrator reviews the facts (or final offers) submitted by the parties. The Agency offers three types of arbitration for certain types of disputes (usually rail).

Possible outcome: The arbitrator makes a legally binding, confidential decision to settle the dispute.

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