Railway line construction and relocation

How to get approval to construct a railway line

The Agency approves specific railway line construction projects.

If a railway company intends to construct a railway line, it must file an application with the Agency under section 98 of the Canada Transportation Act for approval.

See: How to Apply for Approval to Construct a Railway Line: A Guide For Federally Regulated Railway Companies.

How to relocate railway lines in urban areas

If provincial or municipal authorities cannot reach an agreement with a railway company on the relocation of railway lines, subsection 3(1) of the Railway Relocation and Crossing Act (RRCA) permits an application to the Agency for an order to carry out an accepted plan.

The RRCA empowers the Agency to order a railway company to do things like:

  • remove railway structures,
  • build new facilities,
  • stop operating on certain lines or
  • allow other railway companies onto their trackage in urban areas.

However, these powers may only be used when certain criteria are met, including a determination by the Agency that any such relocation or rerouting would occur at no net cost to the railway company.

Learn more about the application process.

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