Air passenger protection

Air passenger protection – Know your rights (transcript)

An airplane in flight appears.

Text on screen: Flying to, from and within Canada?

An animated female character holding travel documents with an inquisitive expression on her face as question marks appear beside her.

There are two other animated characters in the background sitting as they wait for their flight.

Text on screen: You have new rights!

Text on screen: Communications. Bumping. Tarmac delays. Baggage. Musical instruments.

A mobile device appears on the screen with a communication icon that changes to say Notification.

A notification sign appears on the device and a hand clicks on it.

Text on screen: Notification: Airlines have to inform you of those rights in a timely, clear and accessible way.

Text on screen: Learn more at

The Canadian Transportation Agency's coat of arms appears.

The Canada wordmark appears on the screen.

The Canadian Transportation Agency is the country's longest-standing independent, expert tribunal and regulator

 Our organization and mandate  Our legislation  Our publications  Our performance

CEO and Chair Scott Streiner

Travel on a plane, train, bus, or ferry is not just a convenience – it is an essential part of modern life. That is why we should reach for universal accessibility. 

Canadian Transportation Agency Chair and CEO shares his vision for accessible transportation in Canada

Image of Scott Streiner