Facilitation for disputes about federal transportation

Accessible, rail and marine transportation

An Agency case officer assesses the issue and leads an informal exchange between the parties, usually by phone or email.

Type of disputes Possible outcome

The case officer works with the parties to develop a mutually satisfactory solution.

Air travel complaints
On September 30, 2023, the CTA launched a new resolution process for air travel complaints. The process applies to all air travel complaints, including active complaints that have already been submitted. Facilitation is not part of the new process.

Read more about the new air travel complaint resolution process.

How does facilitation work?

An Agency case officer will assess the issues in the complaint and gather more information, if necessary. Case officers have extensive knowledge of transportation issues. They can offer their expertise and help to define the issues involved, which may clear the way for a solution.

The process depends on the nature of your complaint:

  • The case officer will have informal discussions with each party by phone or email (usually separately, but together if desired) so that they can try to develop a solution. The case officer will share information, with the consent of the parties, to ensure that each is fully aware of the other's position. The case officer will inform the parties of the relevant legislation, regulations and applicable guidelines, and may refer to previous Agency decisions which dealt with similar issues.

If facilitation is not successful, or only partially successful, you can still use one of the Agency's other dispute resolution services.

During the facilitation process, after you file your complaint, any information provided to one of the parties by the other party, including any offers made to try to resolve the matter, cannot be used as part of any other dispute resolution process at the Agency unless both parties agree.

How to request facilitation

You can submit a complaint form for these types of complaints:

For other types of rail or marine disputes, please contact the Agency Secretariat to request facilitation.

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