Canadian Transportation Agency to host international forum in 2018 on issues related to storing and transporting mobility devices on aircraft

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) will host an international forum on June 12-13, 2018.

Over the last 18 months, the CTA has undertaken a major initiative to modernize all the regulations, codes and guidelines it administers, starting with accessible transportation.

In the course of consultations and analysis related to this initiative, it has become clear that issues related to the storage and transportation of mobility aids on aircraft are becoming more serious as mobility devices grow in size and complexity.

The forum hosted by the CTA will serve as a catalyst for dialogue and innovation. It will bring together participants from around the world, including: airlines and their associations, aircraft manufacturers, mobility device manufacturers, disability rights organizations, regulators and international organizations.

Together, participants will examine how to translate vision into reality so that persons with disabilities are able to exercise their fundamental right to accessible transportation.

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