Important information for WestJet customers

Here is some important information for passengers whose flights may have been affected by the labour disruption at WestJet.

The Air Passenger Protection Regulations state the following:

Obligations — situations outside carrier’s control

This section applies to a carrier when there is delay, cancellation or denial of boarding due to situations outside the carrier’s control, including but not limited to a labour disruption within the carrier, or within an essential service provider such as an airport or an air navigation service provider.

When a flight disruption is caused by a situation outside the airline's control, the airline (large or small) must rebook passengers on its next available flight or on the flight of an airline with which it has a commercial agreement. The flight must depart within 48 hours after the passenger's original departure time. If the airline cannot rebook the passenger within 48 hours, the airline must, at the passenger's choice:

  • Provide a refund; or
  • Make alternate travel arrangements, free of charge.
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