Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act

The Canadian Transportation Agency is committed to strengthening the integrity of the federal public service by fostering an environment in which employees may disclose possible wrongdoing, and be protected from reprisal for having made such a disclosure.

The Public Servants Disclosure Protection Act came into force in 2007. Its purpose is to encourage employees in the public sector to come forward if they have reason to believe that serious wrongdoing has been committed or is about to be committed in the workplace, or if they have been asked to commit a wrongdoing. It also provides protection against reprisal if they do come forward, and offers a fair and objective process for those who are accused of wrongdoing.

This Act requires all organizations to provide public access to information concerning any wrongdoing found as a result of a disclosure. Therefore, the organization must describe: the wrongdoing, the recommendations made to the chief executive, and the corrective action taken by the organization's chief executive.

Findings of Wrongdoing at the Canadian Transportation Agency:

  • There are currently no cases of founded wrongdoing to report at the Agency.


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