Is Your Air Carrier Licensed?

Fly only with air carriers licensed by the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Search the Agency's database of air licences.

When the operator of an air service has a licence from the Canadian Transportation Agency, you know:

  • The operator has the required passenger and public liability insurance.
  • The aircraft to be used has been certified by Transport Canada to ensure it is adequately equipped and able to conduct a safe operation.
  • The operator has met applicable ownership requirements.



According to the Canada Transportation Act, it is illegal to offer an air service to the public to transport passengers or goods within, to or from Canada, unless the operator has a valid licence from the Canadian Transportation Agency (excluding specialty air services such as sight-seeing, parachute jumping, hot air balloon flights and glider towing).

Persons or companies operating aircraft and providing a service to the public to transport passengers and goods within, to or from Canada are required by law to meet demanding requirements respecting licensing, pilot proficiency, aircraft maintenance and liability insurance.

As a paying passenger, you have the right to know that the operator you are about to use meets these requirements. The Canadian Transportation Agency, through its licensing requirements, ensures this.

Unlicensed Operations

You expect anyone operating a publicly available air service would want to ensure a safe and professional operation for its clients...This is not always the case!

By ignoring licensing and safety requirements and having insurance far below the minimum required, cheaper transportation may be offered.

Using a non-licensed operator may, in the event of an accident, void any existing insurance coverage for you or your family.

Do not be fooled. These people are placing you at risk.

You Can Help!

Before you fly or make travel arrangements, ensure the operator has a valid licence for the service it is offering.

If you have concerns about an operator, information that an aircraft may be used illegally, or if you know someone who may be planning to use the services of an unlicensed operator, please contact us.

Your information could help eliminate a potentially dangerous situation.

You do not have to identify yourself.

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