Agreements: railway crossings and construction

How to file an agreement with the Agency

Agreements can be filed so that they become an order of the Agency. You can file an agreement through the railway crossing agreements form.

Learn more about how to create and file agreements related to:

Looking for an agreement?

The Agency maintains a list of railway crossing agreements that were accepted as filed.

Please note that parties to an agreement are not required to file it with the Agency.

Rates for crossing maintenance and construction

The Guide to Railway Charges for Crossing Maintenance and Construction 2019 provides a third-party assessment of rail costs and sets consistent, nation-wide schedules and guidelines for work performed by railway companies. 

This guide may be used by federal railway companies when charging for work performed at:

  1. crossings;
  2. crossing warning systems; or
  3. any other crossing-related work either agreed to by the parties or authorized by an order of the Agency.
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