Requirements for the public inspection of air tariffs

The public has the right to review an air carrier's tariff and carriers must ensure that they can readily do so upon request.

Every air carrier that sells publicly-available air transportation to, from and within Canada must meet these 3 requirements.

1. Post their tariffs on their website (if the site is used to sell tickets).

If a carrier’s website is used to sell air transportation, the carrier must post its tariff in a prominent location on the site. Domestic carriers must post their tariff on any website used to sell their services, including those of a travel agent.

The Agency maintains a list of air carrier tariffs posted on websites.

2. Make their tariffs available to the public at their business offices.

Carriers must make their tariffs available for inspection by the public at their business offices, including:

  • any airport terminal where the carrier operates
  • city ticketing offices
  • air carrier websites

This requirement can be met by providing access to a paper version or to an electronic version via computer terminals.

Front line staff should be aware of the existence of the carrier’s tariff(s) and how to promptly locate it/them upon request.

To learn more, see Air Carrier Signage Requirements for Public Inspection of Tariffs.

3. Post signage about the public’s right to inspect tariffs.

Carriers must prominently display signs at their business offices indicating that their tariffs are available for public inspection.

This obligation can be met in different ways. At airport terminals, air carriers are encouraged to work with airport authorities where they operate.

To learn more, see Air Carrier Signage Requirements for Public Inspection of Tariffs.


Download sample signage templates.

If carriers choose to develop their own signage, it must take into account:

  1. all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements; and
  2. the Agency’s Code of Practice: Removing Communication Barriers for Travellers with Disabilities.
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