Decision No. 600-R-1996

December 19, 1996

December 19, 1996

APPLICATION by the Norfolk and Western Railway Company, pursuant to section 91 of the Canada Transportation Act, S.C., 1996, c. 10, for a certificate of fitness authorizing it to operate on the segments of the line of railway of CN CP Niagara-Detroit and of the lines of railway of the Canadian National Railway Company and CSX Transportation, Inc. set out in Appendix A, between Windsor and Black Rock, Ontario, through trackage rights agreements.

File No. R 8005/N1

The Norfolk and Western Railway Company (hereinafter the Norfolk and Western) has applied to the Canadian Transportation Agency (hereinafter the Agency) for the certificate set out in the title. The application was received on August 21, 1996.

The Agency has reviewed the material filed and is satisfied that there will be adequate third party liability insurance coverage, including self-insurance, for the proposed railway operation by the Norfolk and Western.

Accordingly, pursuant to subsections 92(1) and 92(2) of the Canada Transportation Act, the Agency will issue a certificate of fitness to the Norfolk and Western authorizing it to operate on the railway lines set out in Appendix A which forms part of this Decision.

Appendix A

Subdivisions                                           Between

Caso                          Detroit River Tunnel (m. 226.30 - m. 225.10)

Caso                          Windsor (m. 225.10) - Fargo (m. 169.60)

CSX Sarnia                 Fargo (m. 11.66) - Chatham (m. 17.52)

Chatham                    Chatham (m. 61.60) - Glencoe (m. 27.70)

Paynes                      Glencoe (m. 27.70) - St. Thomas (m. 0.00)

Talbot                       St. Thomas (m. 15.00) - Walton (m. 0.30)

Dundas                     London (m. 78.20) - Bayview (m. 0.00)

Oakville                    Bayview (m. 36.90) - Hamilton (m. 39.30)

Grimsby                    Hamilton (m. 43.70) - Niagara Falls (m. 0.00)

Stamford                  Clifton (m. 31.60) - Black Rock (m. 0.00)

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