Service standards of the Agency

The Agency has set in place high service standards to ensure that it provides efficient and transparent service.

Our commitment

These standards state the level of performance you can expect from the Agency under normal circumstances. The Agency reports its results annually in its Departmental Results Report.

As a quasi-judicial tribunal and economic regulator, we apply rules of natural justice and afford a fair opportunity for clients and stakeholders to be heard. In certain situations, such as when more time is requested to submit information to the Agency, this can affect our ability to meet our service standards. For example, resolving a complex dispute may require many rounds of submitting and responding to complex pleadings (i.e., parties’ respective claims, responses, replies and evidence) from multiple parties, which may lead to longer required timelines.

The times shown in the tables below for dispute resolution and regulatory services begin from the date we determine that an application is complete. Please note that all of our service standards are calculated in business days (unless specifically indicated).

Overall performance

Services Standard Target
Overall client satisfaction Client Satisfaction Survey 70%

Dispute resolution

Services Standard Target
Air travel complaints facilitated 20 days 80%
Rail and accessibility disputes facilitated 20 days 80%
Disputes mediated 20 days or within extension requested by the parties 100%
Disputes adjudicated (except coasting trade) 85 days 80%
Adjudication of disputed coasting trade applications 65 days after the close of the pleadings 80%
Undisputed coasting trade applications processed Oil tankers 14 days; all other applications 24 days 90%
Rail level of service arbitrations 65 calendar days 100%
Adjudication of objections to level of service arbitrations 35 calendar days 80%
Final offer arbitrations 60 calendar days 100%


Services Standard Target
Air licences issued 7 days after receiving a complete application 85%
International code-sharing and wet lease authorities issued 15 days 85%
Rail determinations issued 85 days 95%


Services Standard Target
Client inquiries answered 5 days 85%
1-888 telephone calls answered (between  8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday to Friday) 18 seconds 85%
Information about our programs and services available on our website 24 hours per day / 7 days per week 95%

Your co-operation counts

Achieving these service standards is a shared responsibility. You can help us provide you with the best possible service by submitting complete applications and by responding to questions in a timely fashion.

We welcome your feedback

We encourage you to share your views on our service. We welcome all comments and suggestions on what we have done well and how we might improve. 

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