2018–19 Departmental Results Report: Gender-based analysis plus

General information

Governance structures

Not applicable.

  • The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) does not have a formal GBA+ implementation plan.
  • However, the CTA continued fostering and maintaining a healthy, respectful workplace where every individual is treated with courtesy and dignity, harassment and discrimination are not tolerated, and different needs are accommodated. These core values are integrated in decision making processes.

Human resources

Not applicable.

  • The CTA currently has no dedicated resources to GBA+.
  • Where required, internal resources were assigned to conduct GBA+ analyses, mostly in the context of Workforce and Workplace Services, Treasury Board Submissions and Memorandums to Cabinet.

Major initiatives: results achieved

Not applicable.

  • In 2018−19, GBA+ was applied and monitored in the context of Treasury Board Submissions and Memorandums to Cabinet.
  • Data related to Employment Equity, Diversity and Inclusion was collected and tracked.
  • The CTA did not apply GBA+ to initiatives in 2018-19 but will continue to evaluate options in the future to provide a GBA+ information session to its Executive Committee.

Reporting capacity and data

  • GBA+ was undertaken related to Treasury Board Submissions and Memorandums to Cabinet where possible. The CTA has not produced public reports that have undertaken GBA+. As a result, recipient microdata has not been collected by nor has it been kept at the CTA.
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