Access to Information and Privacy

Completed access to information requests

The Agency posts summaries of completed access to information requests processed by its Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) group on the Open Information portal of the Government of Canada.

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Access to information and privacy annual reports

Privacy impact assessment summaries

A privacy impact assessment (PIA) is a process that helps departments and agencies determine whether new technologies, information systems and initiatives or proposed programs and policies meet basic privacy requirements. It also assists government organizations to anticipate the public's reaction to any privacy implications of a proposal and as a result, could prevent costly program, service, or process redesign.

Access to information and privacy

Telephone:  819-743-7259

Submitting a request online to the Canadian Transportation Agency

The Access to Information and Privacy Online Request Service offers convenient way to submit access to information or personal information requests.

This service enables individuals to make online requests for information under the control of Government of Canada institutions instead of having to print, scan and email or mail a form to the correct institution.

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