How to apply for a coasting trade licence

Coasting trade licences are issued by the Minister of Public Safety to Canadian residents who have applied for permission to bring a foreign flagged vessel into Canadian waters to perform a service or activity over a specified period of time.

A coasting trade licence is issued when there are no suitable Canadian vessels available to perform the service or activity.

Applying for a licence

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Guidelines for Coasting Trade Licence Applications

Application form (CBSA form C47)

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Examples of Agency decisions

You must simultaneously apply to the Agency and the Canada Border Services Agency to obtain a licence. 

The Agency determines whether there are suitable Canadian ships available to carry out the activity described in the application. If the proposed activity involves the carriage of passengers, the Agency determines if there's an adequate marine service using Canadian vessels. 

The Canada Border Services Agency cannot license anyone to use a foreign-registered ship until the Agency issues its determination.

For more information about how to apply, read the Guidelines for Coasting Trade Licence Applications.

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