Flight cancellations from Flair Airlines – information for passengers

Flair Airlines has cancelled service for various flights between certain Canadian and US cities. Currently Flair Airlines reports that it is offering refunds to passengers who have not yet travelled, or it is repatriating passengers needing to fly back home. You may be eligible for a refund, to be rebooked on another flight or you may also be eligible for a reimbursement of damages covered under the Montreal Convention.

If you have purchased a ticket from Flair Airlines, the tariff (contract of carriage) must be applied.

In all cases, Flair Airlines should be communicating with you on the status of your flights. If your trip was booked through a travel agency, contact the agency immediately. If you are not satisfied with Flair Airline's response to you, or you feel that it has improperly applied its tariff,  you can file a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency.


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