List of Arbitrators call out

The Canadian Transportation Agency is expanding its List of Arbitrators (List). As required by subsections 169(1) and 169.42(1) of the Canada Transportation Act, we periodically consult on the List’s composition and make revisions.

With the help of the ADR Institute of Canada, we have moved forward and established qualification criteria for the arbitrators. This is to ensure that selected arbitrators meet a high standard of excellence.

Please complete the application form to be considered for inclusion on the current List. The information that you provide will be assessed against the qualification criteria.

You will be contacted if there are any questions regarding the information you submit. Once the review is completed, we will notify you if you have met the criteria to be added to the List.

The information you provide will be posted on our website if you qualify for the List. This information will assist parties in the selection of arbitrators. Please review the Terms and Conditions page for a summary of our privacy policy.

If you have any questions, please contact

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