Notice to industry: Agency has determined 2023 regulated interswitching rates for Zone 5

September 18, 2023 – Gatineau, QC – Canadian Transportation Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) has determined the 2023 regulated interswitching rates for Zone 5, the new interswitching zone established in the Budget Implementation Act 2023.

Zone 5 was created as a result of subsection 127.1(1.1) of the Canada Transportation Act, which enables a temporary extension of 18 months of the interswitching limits in the Prairie Provinces. These limits apply to movements within 160 kilometres of an interchange but outside the existing 30-kilometre radius covered by the other zones currently prescribed by the Railway Interswitching Regulations, SOR/88-41.

The 2023 interswitching rates for Zones 1-4 were determined in December 2022. The 2024 interswitching rates for Zones 1-5 will be issued in December 2023.

The Agency also regulates long-haul interswitching (LHI), which is not limited to 30 kilometres or 160 kilometres in the Prairie Provinces, although other conditions apply. For details, see our LHI page. The information there includes our complete guide to LHI.

Shippers and others who have a disagreement with a railway over interswitching can come to the Agency, which offers dispute resolution mechanisms, including formal adjudication and arbitration. These disputes could include whether the service was provided in a timely manner, the correct rate was charged, or whether a siding/facility is within 160 kilometres of, or reasonably close to, an interchange. 

If you have questions about your rail service, including how to submit an application, you can contact us via e-mail or using our 1-877-850-7148 Rail Help Line.

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