CTA Initiatives to Advance Accessible Air Travel Internationally

Accessible transportation is an essential part of modern life and important for all Canadians. About one in five of Canadians has a disability, and this proportion is growing as the average age of the population rises.

Air travel is global – but from one country to another, there are different standards for accessibility. The variation in what level of accessible travel to expect – ranging from state of the art and innovative to very low– is challenging for both passengers and airlines.

The CTA is actively working with interested stakeholders to raise the profile of accessible transportation in global air travel. The CTA's commitment to advancing accessible transportation internationally was first outlined in the summer of 2018 when our Chair and CEO, Scott Streiner, spoke to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Council about developments in accessible air transportation. In his speech, he launched a dialogue on how best to provide a barrier-free travel experience for passengers worldwide, pointing to achievements and gaps in current international standards and calling for collaborative action, grounded in a common set of principles and practices.

The CTA's vision is to make Canada's national transportation system the most accessible in the world. This vision guides our work and we are invested in bringing about global change by contributing our expertise and working collaboratively with international organizations on major initiatives.

To date, these major initiatives have included:

The CTA continues to work with international partners and explores new ways to advance accessibility in international air transportation.

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