Fees Notice

Interpretation, general and fees


  1. The definitions in this section apply in this fees notice
    1. "Agency" means that Canadian Transportation Agency
    2. "contract" means a contract determined with the Agency and the applicant/party
    3. "fee" means an amount – called a fee, charge, or by any other name – or a capacity to contract and is payable for:
      • The provision of a service;
      • The provision of the use of facility;
      • The conferral, by the means of a licence, permit or other authorization, of a right or privilege;
      • The provision of a product;
      • The provision of a regulatory process; or
      • The recovery, in whole or in part, of costs that are incurred in relation to a regulatory scheme.


  1. The fees payable for any service, use of a facility, right/privilege, product, regulatory process or regulatory scheme described in column 1 of an item of any table to this fees notice is the amount or method set out in column 2 of that item.


Fee Name (item)

Column 1
Fee description
Column 2
Fee amount or method
to cost recover
Column 3
Reference, if any
Net Salvage Value determination application charge Applicants must reimburse the Agency's costs when they file an application for a Net Salvage Value determination pursuant to subsections 144(3.1) and 146.3(4) of the Canada Transportation Act.
- The charge is defined as a service
The charge is set by contract based on the application that is submitted. The Guidelines Respecting Net Salvage Value Determination provides additional details of the process.
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