Filing a service schedule with the Agency

Who needs to file a service schedule?

Under Part VI of the ATR, all air carriers are required to file a service schedule with the Agency for any scheduled international service they provide, including code share flights.

The carrier must file the service schedule at least 10 days before commencing its service.

Information that must be included in the service schedule

The service schedule must include the following information:

  • full name of the air carrier
  • the name, title and business address of an authorized officer or agent of the air carrier
  • the date of issuance and the effective date of the service schedule
  • the class or classes of air service
  • full details of each air service to be operated by the air carrier, namely:
    • the points served/routes operated
    • the frequency of service set out by day of the week
    • the times of departure and arrival at each point
    • the flight number or numbers assigned by the air carrier
    • the type and usual configuration (i.e. seating capacity) of aircraft used.

To help carriers meet their obligations, the Agency has created a service schedule template.

How to file a service schedule

Air carriers or their agent can file a service schedule by:

  1. Preparing a version of the schedule in the Electronic SSIM format (standard schedules information manual).  
  2. Filling out the filing advice form (ATR, schedule 13).
  3. Sending the filing advice and service schedule or amendments to at least 10 days before the service comes into effect. (The 10-day period is calculated on receipt of the schedule by the Agency.)

The Agency encourages carriers and agents to file their service schedule electronically through email, but they can also be filed through regular mail. 

Service schedule template

Filing advice form

Accelerated filing of a service schedule

A carrier may obtain special permission from the Agency to file on less than the required 10 days notice, to have its schedule become effective one day after its receipt by the Agency. In such a case, the special permission number provided by the Agency must be added in the service schedule (see the service schedule template for details).

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