Air transportation

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has a mandate to keep the national transportation system running efficiently and smoothly for all Canadians. This includes:

  • Providing licences and charter permits needed to operate an airline in Canada;
  • Making sure airline tariffs are reasonable and follow our rules and international agreements;
  • Providing consumer protection for air passengers and helping to resolve air travel complaints;
  • Removing undue obstacles to the mobility of persons with disabilities when travelling by air; and
  • Helping to negotiate and put in place international air transport agreements.

We make air regulations and consult the air industry, the Canadian public and consumer organizations about this work. 

Services and information

Airline licences and charter permits

To operate an airline in Canada, you have to meet certain requirements. These depend on whether your airline is Canadian or foreign, the type of service you want to provide, and whether you want to use your own aircraft or aircraft operated by another airline.

Wet-lease, code-share and blocked-space authorities

The CTA is responsible for processing applications and notifications for commercial arrangements between airlines, such as wet-lease, code-share and block space arrangements. 

Airline tariffs

Every airline that offers passenger or cargo service in Canada must have a tariff. It is the contract between the airline and the customer. It sets out the prices that an airline can charge and the terms and conditions of carriage.

International air transport agreements

The right to operate international scheduled air services to and from Canada is governed by Canada's various international air transport agreements and arrangements. 

All-inclusive air price advertising

These rules help consumers easily determine the total price of advertised air services, and encourage fair competition among advertisers of air services.


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