Requirements for air carriers

Every air carrier that offers and/or sells air transportation to, from and within Canada must have a tariff. Under Canadian law, air carriers are required to:

  1. Ensure that a tariff is clear, reasonable and not unduly discriminatory.
  2. File a tariff (or amendments) and supporting documents with the Agency, if applicable.
  3. Make the tariff available for public inspection.

For international services, all licensees and non-licensees must file a tariff if they:

  • offer and/or sell international services to and from Canada (subject to the provisions of any applicable Air Transport Agreement); or
  • take part in joint transportation to or from Canada (including code shares).

As part of the licensing process, carriers must have their tariffs on file and in effect with the Agency before operations start. Carriers offering scheduled international service must also file a service schedule with the Agency.

Domestic tariffs, for transportation between points in Canada, do not need to be filed.

1. Creating a tariff

2. Filing a tariff

3. Making the tariff available for public inspection

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