Licences and charter permits

Air licence

The Agency is the authority for Canada that issues licences to operate publicly available air services. The Agency issues licences to operate domestic air services to Canadian applicants. It also issues licences to operate scheduled and non-scheduled international services to and from Canada to Canadian and foreign applicants.

Canadian applicant

Non-Canadian applicant

General licence information

Charter permits

If you want to operate a passengers or a goods charter flight between Canada and another country, you may have to apply to the CTA for a permit, notify us in advance, or send in a report after the flight.

Wet-lease, code-share and blocked-space approval

Under section 60 of the Canada Transportation Act (CTA), the Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) is responsible for approving wet-lease arrangements for all non-scheduled (charter) and scheduled air services to, from, and within Canada for the transportation of both passengers and goods.

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