How to file International Scheduled Services Air Cargo Tariffs

Air carriers operating international scheduled cargo air services are reminded of their obligations to file their air cargo tariffsNote 1 with the Canada Transportation Agency (Agency).

Tariff filing requirements

All air carriers offering an international cargo service to and from Canada are required to file their tariffs and any amendments to their tariffs with the Agency in accordance with section 110 of the Air Transportation Regulations (ATR). A carrier’s tariff must include the carrier’s rates, charges and terms and conditions of carriage, unless otherwise provided for in an applicable air transportation agreement.

Tariff filing mechanisms

A carrier may file its cargo tariff either by:

  1. Filing it directly with the Agency; or,
  2. Filing it with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) using its electronic online database, The Air Cargo Tariff and Rules (TACT), which is an official cargo tariff-filing system (TACT Online) recognized by the Agency.

Carriers that would like to file their tariffs with IATA using TACT Online, must contact IATA directly to have IATA act as their filing agent. Carriers must also file a power of attorney and general concurrence with the Agency (Supporting Air Tariff Documents) indicating that IATA will act as the carrier’s filing agent, and that the carrier is using TACT Online for tariff publishing and filing purposes.

Carriers are reminded that if they have previously filed their cargo tariffs with the Airline Tariff Publishing Company (ATPCO) or via IATA’s TACT Manuals, that these tariff filing mechanisms are no longer updated or maintained. As a result, carriers who have not migrated their tariffs from these mechanisms may not be in compliance with their tariff filing obligations.

Any carrier who has not met their tariff filing obligations may be subject to monetary penalties of up to $25,000 per offence, if they are found to have contravened subsections 110(1), 110(4) and/or 110(5) of the ATR.

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