How to file International Scheduled Services Air Cargo Tariffs

Who needs to file a cargo tariff?

The Air Transportation Regulations require all carriers offering international scheduled cargo services for the transportation of goods to or from Canada to have a tariff filed with the Agency, unless otherwise set out in an air transportation agreement.

Options for filing a cargo tariff

1. Using IATA as a filing agent

As of April 10, 2015, carriers who are members of the International Air Transportation Association can now use IATA as a filing agent for cargo tariffs.

Carriers who choose IATA as a filing agent can use its Air Cargo Tariff and Rules manuals (TACT manuals) as official tariffs to file with the Agency.

Carriers must contact IATA directly if they wish to have it act as their filing agent. Carriers who choose this option must file a power of attorney and general concurrence with the Agency indicating that IATA will act as their filing agent and that the carrier is a participant in the TACT manuals for tariff publishing and filing purposes.

2. Filing directly with the Agency

Carriers can also file their cargo tariff directly with the Agency.

The sample international scheduled services cargo tariff can serve as a guide.

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