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All public Decisions, Determinations, Orders and certain Interim Decisions since 1988 issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency (formerly known as the National Transportation Agency) are published in this database. Some decisions are confidential and are not published.

Service standard

The Agency is required to publish all decisions in both official languages, French and English. We have set a service standard of 30 business days to translate and publish the decision once it has issued to the parties. We are currently experiencing delays in publishing due to the increase in volume of applications. Should you wish to obtain a copy of a Decision that has not yet been published, or to obtain a copy of an interim Decision, please contact us by email at:


If you experience difficulties accessing a ruling you can request an alternate format such as pdf, large print, braille or an electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology, please contact us by email.

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Will only list the results as they were typed. You can also search by provision number in this field. Please note that there are no Boolean operators currently available for the advanced text search. If you wish to perform a Boolean search, please use the browse decisions functionality. 

Decision number

This number is assigned by the Agency to rulings (orders, determinations, letter decisions or decisions). Enter only the decision number to provide accurate results (do not add "decision" prior to the number). 

Agency case number

The case number is assigned when you file an application for adjudication with the Agency. This is not an air travel complaint case number. If you want to check the status of your open air travel complaint case visit the air travel complaint case status enquiry page. For more information on the different types of dispute resolution services please visit the page Overview and FAQs: Disputes related to federal transportation.

Ruling type

  • A Decision is made by the Agency on a set of facts contained in an adjudicative application presented to it; it is a final Decision.
  • A Letter-Decision is an interim decision that is often procedural in nature or can have preliminary findings, Agency requires more information from parties to render a final Decision.
  • An order is an Agency ruling where action is initiated by the Agency.
  • A determination is a ruling where the Agency performs an economic regulatory role and issues authorities/permissions or prescribes general industry conduct.

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