How to report a non-compliant air price advertisement

Requirements for air price advertising

Air price advertising directed at the public must include:

  1. The total price, inclusive of all taxes, fees and charges which a consumer must pay to obtain the air service.  
  2. A minimum level of description of the air service offered, including: 
    1. the points of origin and destination; 
    2. whether the service is one way or round trip; and 
    3. limitations with respect to booking or travel availability periods. 
  3. Access to a breakdown of the taxes, fees and charges and any optional services offered for a fee or charge.

What types of advertising are covered?

The regulations apply to any person who advertises air prices to the public, for travel within, or originating in Canada, through any media. 

Advertising is considered to be a communication of the air price to the public, for travel within, or originating in Canada, and through either interactive or non-interactive media. 

They do not apply to:

  • air cargo services
  • charter services negotiated with a private business or fares available through corporate travel offices (and not available to the general public) or obtained through a global distribution service
  • package travel services
  • services originating outside Canada
  • loyalty reward programs

How the requirements are enforced

The Agency is adopting a compliance-based/risk-based approach and intends to work cooperatively with industry, and to use penalties only when necessary to achieve compliance.

The Agency may impose fines of up to $5,000 for an individual and $25,000 for a corporation, where either has been found guilty of an offence as a result of contravening these regulations. In addition, the Agency may order a person to make the changes necessary to conform to the regulations to bring about compliance.

 How to report non-compliance

Any concerns can be sent to the Agency at

Note: Matters respecting misleading and deceptive acts and practices fall under the purview of the Competition Bureau.

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