Long-Haul Interswitching (LHI) - How to Provide an Undertaking to the Local Carrier


As the shipper applying for Long-Haul Interswitching, you must make an undertaking to the Local Carrier. The undertaking is your company's commitment to respect the terms of the LHI order, if you get it. As part of this, you commit to move the traffic with the Local Carrier between the origin or destination that is served by the Local Carrier and the closest interchange in Canada.

The undertaking is a required document – you must include it with your application. You can create an undertaking document using these instructions:

  1. Give your document this title: Undertaking to the Local Carrier.
  2. Include the following basic information:
    • Your company name
    • The company name of the Local Carrier
  3. Include the following text, filling in the carrier names and the place name or other location description of your traffic's point of origin or destination (O or D point). Make sure the names/description match the information in your application.

"This is our undertaking to the Local Carrier under paragraph 132(a) of the Canada Transportation Act. [Shipper company name] undertakes to use [Local Carrier's company name] to move the traffic described in our Long-Haul Interswitching application, and this movement will be:

  • by rail,
  • between [O or D point location], served exclusively by [Local Carrier's company name], and the nearest interchange in Canada with [Connecting Carrier's company name],
  • in keeping with any LHI order the Canadian Transportation Agency issues."

Note: remember to sign and date this undertaking

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