Organizational chart

Graphic of the org chart
Reporting to the Chair and Chief Executive Officer

  • Vice-Chair and Members
  • Chief of Staff
  • Analysis and Outreach Branch
  • Dispute Resolution Branch
  • Determinations and Compliance Branch
  • Enabling Services Branch

Agency branches

  • Led by the Chief Strategy Officer, the Analysis and Outreach Branch comprises the following directorates:
    • Analysis and Regulatory Reform
    • Communications
    • Centre of Expertise on Accessible Transportation
  • Led by the Chief Compliance Officer, the Determinations and Compliance Branch comprises the following directorates:
    • Air Determinations
    • Rail and Marine Determinations
    • Monitoring and Compliance
  • Led by the Chief Dispute Resolution Officer, the Dispute Resolution Branch comprises:
    • Air and Accessibility Alternate Dispute Resolution
    • Rail and Marine ADR
    • Dispute Adjudication
  • Led by the General Counsel and Secretary, the Enabling Services Branch comprises the following directorates:
    • Legal Services
    • Secretariat and Registrar Services
    • Financial Services and Asset Management
    • Workforce and Workplace Services
    • Information and Technology Management Services
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