Rail transportation regulations

As part of its Regulatory Modernization Initiative, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) held consultations on rail-related regulations and guidance materials. These consultations also support the implementation of the Transportation Modernization Act, which amended the Canada Transportation Act (the Act) to introduce new measures related to freight rail.

The CTA consultation focused on the following key issues:

  • Amendments to the Railway Interswitching Regulations
  • Administrative monetary penalties
  • Insurance filing for freight rail operations
  • Insurance requirements for passenger rail operations and railway construction
  • Guidance materials on shipper remedies and recovery of costs related to a railway fire

The CTA also sought views on whether all of its rail-related regulations should be consolidated into a single regulation, for ease of reference.

Following publication in Part I of the Canada Gazette, the CTA reviewed all feedback received and made adjustments in order to finalize the Regulations.

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