Service standard: Charter Permits for Canadian-Originating Non-Scheduled International Air Service

Service name

Charter Permits for Canadian-Originating Non-Scheduled International Air Services

Service description

An international charter air service is a non-scheduled international service operated under a contractual arrangement between an air carrier and a charterer. Carriers holding a licence for a non-scheduled international service must get a program permit or an authorization from the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) to operate Canadian-originating charter flights to any foreign country. The permit and authorization processes ensure that air carriers operating international charter flights comply with the Air Transportation Regulations. Further details on the service can be found in the charter application guide.

The CTA issues the following permits:

In the case of Canadian-originating flights operating pursuant to a non-scheduled international licence (a flight from Canada to the country of the licensee), the applicant is required to apply to the CTA at the latest two working days prior to the first flight.

This service is a high volume regulatory transaction. However, should proposed amendments to the Air Transportation Regulations come into effect, this regulatory transaction would no longer be required. Licensees wishing to operate a non-scheduled charter would have to notify the CTA in advance of the flight(s) instead of applying for a permit.

Service standard

Issue charter permits four working days after receipt of application.

Operational performance target

Meet CTA service standard for at least 85% of charter permit applications.

Operational performance results

The service standard was met 91% of the time for the period of April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

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