Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations

ASL version of Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations
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The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has new regulations called the Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations (ATPRR). The ATPRR were created under the authority of the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). The ACA sets out planning and reporting requirements to identify and remove barriers – and prevent new barriers – in priority areas such as communication, services and equipment.

More specifically, the ACA requires Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) operating in the national transportation network to develop:

  • Accessibility plans;
  • Feedback processes; and
  • Progress reports.

The ATPRR provides the details of how to implement the accessibility planning and reporting requirements for TSPs. To meet all of their obligations, TSPs will need to look at the requirements in the ACA as well as the ATPRR. These obligation are enforceable by administrative monetary penalties.

TSPs include companies that operate planes, ferries, trains and buses that travel long distances, as well as terminals, like airports, ferry terminals, train and bus stations, and ports where cruise ships dock. TSPs also include security and border screening.

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