Complaints about fares and rates on domestic routes with little or no competition

What is a route with little or no competition?

Any route within Canada served by a single carrier and its affiliates. In addition, the Agency may determine that a route with two carriers has limited competition because the second carrier does not provide a reasonable alternative.

What is an air affiliate?

When one air carrier is related to, but not strictly controlled, by another carrier.

How does the Agency handle complaints about fares and rates on such routes?

The Agency will first review the route. If it finds that competition is limited, it may review the passenger fares or cargo rates to see if they are unreasonable. The Agency may also consider if the carrier is offering an adequate range of fares or cargo rates. For more detailed information, please consult the Canada Transportation Act, section 66.

These types of complaints are handled through adjudication.

How can I file a complaint?

Follow the steps outlined on our adjudication page.

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