The Canadian Transportation Agency issues administrative monetary penalty against REVA, Inc. for operating air services without licence

June 6, 2024 – Gatineau, QC – Canadian Transportation Agency

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has issued an administrative monetary penalty of $56,000 against REVA, Inc. for 14 violations related to operating air services without holding a valid licence.

This penalty is for contraventions that occurred between July 3, 2023 and August 24, 2023.

During this period, REVA, Inc. committed 14 violations of operating air services using aircraft bearing registrations N302RV, N990LC, N535RV, N441PC between various points in Canada and various points in the United States, Bahamas and Mexico without holding a valid licence issued under Part II of the Canada Transportation Act (CTA).

These contraventions relate to section 57 of the Canada Transportation Act, SC 1996, c 10.

Reva Inc. has 30 days to request a review before the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada.

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