Legislation, regulations, codes of practice, standards and guidelines

The Agency sets out expectations for the accessibility of federal transportation. Our regulations provide clear, consistent, legally binding accessibility requirements for federally-regulated transportation. Our codes of practice set out standards for a minimum level of accessibility for persons with disabilities. They're developed in consultation with transportation service providers and the community of persons with disabilities (including our Accessibility Advisory Committee).

Prior to June 25, 2020, when the ATPDR came into effect, transportation service providers were encouraged to comply with the codes of practice below. Large transportation service providers must now follow the ATPDR

Small transportation service providers not covered by the ATPDR may be subject to the Air Transportation Regulations as well as the Personnel Training Regulations. They are also required to provide accommodations up to the point of undue hardship under Part V of the Canada Transportation Act. In meeting this commitment, they should consider the requirements of the ATPDR as well as these codes of practice.


Accessibility regulations

Codes of practice

Standards and guidelines for accessibility (additional references)

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