Regulatory Modernization Initiative

In 2016, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) launched the Regulatory Modernization Initiative to update the suite of regulations, guidance materials and tools it administers and ensure that they keep pace with changing business models, user expectations and best practices in the regulatory field. Over the course of three years, the CTA consulted on how to advance three key goals:

  • Ensuring that industry’s obligations are clear, predictable, and relevant to a range of existing and emerging business practices.
  • Ensuring that the demands associated with compliance are only as high as necessary to achieve the regulations’ purposes.
  • Facilitating the efficient and effective identification and correction of instances of non-compliance.

The majority of the regulations are now completed; most are now in force while other more complex requirements will be phased-in over three years. The CTA now has a renewed suite of regulations that reflects the modern age and better serves Canadians and the transportation industries.

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