Inquiry: Sunwing flight incidents

CTA launches inquiry

Letter decision LET-A-30-2018 and LET-A-31-2018


The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) is holding an inquiry on Sunwing international flights that flew to or from the Toronto Pearson International Airport or the Montréal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport between April 14 and 18, 2018 for which complaints have been filed with the CTA.

Toronto departures
SWG022, SWG026, SWG030, SWG068, SWG218, SWG271, SWG302, SWG406, SWG410, SWG412, SWG420, SWG436, SWG442, SWG511, SWG513, SWG515, SWG535, SWG600, SWG620, SWG626, SWG642, SWG680, SWG682, SWG684 (April 15), SWG684 (April 17), SWG706, SWG714, SWG730, SWG732, SWG746, SWG752, SWG784
Toronto arrivals
SWG031 (April 15), SWG031 (April 18), SWG201, SWG208, SWG305, SWG343, SWG407, SWG411, SWG413, SWG421, SWG437, SWG439, SWG443, SWG514, SWG516, SWG601, SWG603, SWG621, SWG627, SWG683, SWG685 (April 16), SWG685 (April 18), SWG715, SWG727, SWG731 (April 15), SWG731 (April 17), SWG753, SWG781, SWG783, SWG785
Montreal departures
SWG248, SWG306, SWG308, SWG378, SWG414, SWG426, SWG428, SWG434, SWG470, SWG517, SWG519, SWG604, SWG688
Montreal arrivals
SWG063, SWG249, SWG307, SWG307, SWG309, SWG379, SWG427, SWG429, SWG435, SWG471, SWG518, SWG520, SWG534, SWG538 (April 15), SWG538 (April 18), SWG605, SWG607, SWG653 (April 16), SWG653 (April 19), SWG659, SWG689, SWG793

This inquiry's focus is on whether Sunwing treated its passengers in a manner consistent with its terms and conditions of carriage for international flights (tariff) and whether those terms and conditions are reasonable.


What are the next steps of the Inquiry?

The CTA has appointed Jean-Michel Gagnon, an Enforcement Officer, as the Inquiry Officer. He is directed to:

  • conduct interviews and take written statements from individuals and organizations directly involved in, or affected by, the incidents;
  • obtain any documents, records and information relevant to the inquiry;
  • submit a summary report to the CTA; and
  • refrain from making public statements about the inquiry.

Persons or organizations involved in, or affected by, the incidents were invited to send submissions to The period for submissions closed on or May 31, 2018. The Inquiry Officer's report is currently expected at end of August, 2018, which will then go to the CTA for consideration.

At this point, no oral hearing has been ordered. The panel will review the inquiry officer's report once it is available to determine if an oral hearing is necessary.

More information will be provided as new developments arise.

When can I expect to read the conclusions of this Inquiry? How long before a Decision is made?

The CTA will address these complaints as quickly as possible, but it will take the time necessary to fully consider the matter.

Why does the Inquiry Officer have to refrain from making public statements?

As this is an on-going inquiry conducted under the quasi-judicial mandate of the CTA, the Inquiry Officer was directed to refrain from making any public statements.

However, the Inquiry Officer's report will be made public in both official languages. Both versions will be posted on the CTA's website once it is available.

When will my complaint be addressed? When can I expect to have my complaint resolved?

Complaints filed by individual passengers with the CTA regarding these incidents will be addressed through the Inquiry. The CTA will address these complaints as quickly as possible, but, it will take the time necessary to fully consider the matter.

Is the Inquiry Officer contacting all of the passengers who have reached out to the CTA as part of the Inquiry?

The Inquiry Officer has indeed contacted all affected passengers who reached out to the CTA. He has also requested additional information from some passengers that was deemed to be relevant to the inquiry.

What could be the end result of the CTA's inquiry?

This process will ultimately result in a written determination. Should the CTA find that Sunwing did not properly apply the applicable terms and conditions set out in its international tariff, it could require Sunwing to pay compensation for any expenses incurred by passengers and order the carrier to take other corrective measures. If the CTA further finds that those terms and conditions are not reasonable, it could require that they be amended.

Once the CTA has rendered a decision, consideration of whether penalties will be applied will be up to the Designated Enforcement Officer.

Reference materials

Reports, decisions and determinations

Letter Decision No. LET-A-31-2018
Letter Decision No. LET-A-30-2018


Canadian Transportation Agency extends its inquiry into Sunwing flight incidents to include Montreal flights
Canadian Transportation Agency launches inquiry
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