Submitted comments on the preliminary decision about traveling with an emotional support animal

Notice of extension

The Canadian Transportation Agency (Agency) accepts that Via Rail, WestJet, Air Canada, Air France, the National Airlines Council of Canada, the International Air Transport Association and Airlines for America require more time to file submissions to justify why the Agency should not finalize its preliminary finding, as directed in Decision LET-AT-55-2022. Therefore, the Agency grants the parties and interested persons requests for an extension of time to file submissions.

Accordingly, the parties and the interested persons had until 5:00 pm Gatineau local time on February 13, 2023, to file submissions and provide a copy to all other parties.

The parties will then have until 5:00 pm Gatineau local time on March 6, 2023, to file comments on the other parties’ submissions and on the interested persons’ position statements with the Agency, and to provide a copy to other parties.

Any questions or other correspondence in regard to this matter should refer to Case 22-41428 and be filed through the Agency's Secretariat e-mail address:


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Submissions received further to Decision no. LET-AT-55-2022


Interested parties

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